Instant Loans – Prompt Response to Unforeseen Financial Fiasco

Loan market is flooded with loan types that cater to specific needs of loan borrowers – car loans, education loans, mortgage, home loan etc. But what if a requirement of £250 springs up and you don’t have the needful cash and neither can postpone the payment. For this specific cash constraint, there are instant loans.… Read More »

Rate Tarts No Longer Welcomed By Mortgage And Credit Card Providers

Following on from recent moves in the credit card industry (see Cashzilla “Rate tarts losing ability to cherry pick”) to reduce the number of people switching from one financial provider to another, mortgage lenders are now looking to follow suit. Abbey is the latest High Street mortgage lender to notify its customers that they are… Read More »

Banks and Money

A bank is therefore an institution that deals in money, as well as providing other financial services. They accept deposits of money from customers and they make loans of those funds to generate a profit. This profit is the difference between the interest they receive from the borrowers and the interest they pay to the… Read More »

Vital Functions of an Investment Banker

When a company decides to sell new securities to raise funds, this offering is referred to as a primary issue. An investment banker is the agent responsible for locating buyers for the securities. He or she represents an investment banking company. The investment bank first buys the primary issue from a corporation before arranging for… Read More »

How to Save Money

Merchant Accounts Your business is successful, but now your ready to take it to the next level and begin accepting credit card transactions, or you have already taken this step but your feeling that your merchant account provider has high fees and your not sure what to do, or what other providers are out there?… Read More »

Learn More About Real Estate Investment Trust

A real estate investment trust, or REIT, is a real estate company that works in much the same way that mutual funds do. The idea behind these trusts was to provide every individual in the U.S. an equal chance make investments with their money like those who are more affluent commonly invest in mutual funds.… Read More »

Medical Receivables Financing

The Rx for Ailing Cash Flow The current adverse financial structure of the healthcare industry has placed hospitals, medical groups, private practitioners and other providers in a perilous position. Cumbersome and bureaucratic third party billing systems with long time-to-collection waiting periods have resulted in inconsistent cash flows and limited capital for growth. Nationwide, two-thirds of… Read More »

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Helping the “uninsurable” secure coverage is challenging. Clients who have health problems or have been denied coverage in the past still need life insurance. One option is guaranteed issue life insurance. Given the high risk nature of coverage, few insurers offer it. However with a little preparation and extra effort, you can find the right… Read More »

How to Invest Safely and Generate Income for Life

This Permanent Portfolio helps us mitigate risk. The assets used tend to zig and zag with respect to each other and are contrasting. So as a blended mix they improve portfolio stability. Stability also helps mitigate the sequence of returns risk, which is especially important during the spending or retirement phase. Each asset class is… Read More »