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She figured she'd been honest enough for one night.Then a fourth.“Fair enough.” I replied, looking at my watch.“Carson just needs to get his shit together.“Go talk to your horny little girl, I’m going to watch like a yummy perv.” She said before I kissed her several times before I made my way into the den.As l was going down the stairs a parcel delivery man was coming up, he gave me a lovely smile and winked, l stood at the door waiting for the delivery man to come back down stairs before ringing the doorbell just to give him a better view up my skirt he liked the view as l got a wolf whistle.“Oh, yes, you really DO like pussy juice!” She did it once more.She twitched and gasped beneath me, her belly rubbing against my tingling nipples.“Emmie, I’m feelin’ pretty torn right about now actually,” Brian mused, his words snapping her out of her reverie.We enjoyed many rites together.As cocks go, this one is nice.She pushed Vanessa onto the floor and pried her legs op

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