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They can help."What’s next?” she asked, to no one in particular.I bet you liked it too."As amazing as our sex life was, there were still some things that Amanda absolutely refused to do or let me try.You know that's what happens to girls in the Program.”Maria made a mixture of sounds of pleasure and weak complaints.“Hey Trini, yeah I’m just as surprised as you are,” he replies.The pleasure shuddered through me as I watched the rapture flowing through my girlfriend.She kissed me lightly with a caress of her tongue on my lips then teased “I'll check my calendar, maybe I have some free time.”CALL ME BACK!”I had a bit of trouble keeping up with him and the wind was causing me a bit of concern.As she was on her back, I crawled on top of her and smooched her head.Realizing that while still intriguing it was also a distraction from my real objective."Of course."During those years my mother, Martie, was very busy with another two pregnancies and the effort to keep things solv