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I try to retreat further down the bed away from her, but my arms are already pulled completely taut.Maybe this school year won’t be so shitty after all.She didn’t want to act too sexually overt, or forward or anything.., her mother didn't like it.I noticed he kept glancing at my breast.She glanced at me now, her blue eyes... considering.I pulled out my phone and checked the time."You satisfied bitch?"She licked all around the head, getting off all the precum then started to lick up the long shaft then back up towards his head.Rachel went upstairs with her suitcase, leaving him sitting at the kitchen table with his coffee, and he was thinking.Still she was still slow and reluctant to willingly assume the position until see saw my look of anger over her hesitation to obey me. Letting out a light sob for a bitch knowing this little bit of hesitation could've ended our agreement and her chance at the better.“I… I...I shuddered as he pressed his dick into our daughter's cunt.“A pr

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Not waking up the next morning until close to 11 A.M., I made my way up to the kitchen to make some breakfast.I had also ordered 4 sides for the table that were served family style.A man in a white lab coat and a stethoscope around his neck approaches and introduces himself as Dr. Cadbury.Thrusting up from the center of each seat was a thick, bumpy dildo waiting for a pregnant pussy to engulf it.“That was so strange and hot at the same time, goddamnit Priya you are the sexy minx, not me.”I wanna play!” Frank says, raising his hand.To my pleasant surprise, she didn’t stop.We were completely connected.Dumping her on the bed face down he stripped giving her the first look at his eight inch thick cock.He asked if that is all I had brought along.His name was Mike.I renewed my grip on her ass and began to thrust into her as hard and deep as I dared.She slowly pulled her monster out of my neck but left the tip to rest in my mouth as I caught my breath the first time in what seemed lik

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