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I have a stupid idea and I don’t want you to think I’m crazy or weird.” I pondered why she would only want me to use it one time.I just wish he would meet me for lunch, and we can have a conversation.He was enjoying my predicament.He pressed the gun into her side as they went.“There’s your answer.Behind her was Momo, carrying most of what was found like a pack mule.So Jan pulled her middle finger back out, placed her middle finger and her ring finger side-by-side, and then shoved them both up into Trish's vagina.Do you know what I was dreaming about though?"I was looking down at her big tits,then my watch caught my eye.I then grabbed my hefty 11 inch dildo.WAIT UNTIL TALLESMAN TAKES YOU TO HIS BONDAGE CLUB.“WHAT?And here was a beautiful girl, just lying there in my bedroom.She hunched her shoulders forward and slipped the bra off in front.Until now that is. It ended up transitioning from love making to fucking.A few minutes later someone walked in the front door.She had jus

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