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I'm sorry..." her voice was suddenly drowned out by a loud, gutteral, moan.It was too much for me. She knew how to work me and the thought of my friend's mom on her knees with my hard cock in her mouth was overwhelming.Happy to oblige he did just that and Tracey couldn't help but moan bringing fresh laughter from the men.“Jesus Christ,” Chloe said.My teacher said we had to change, that we had to put on our ceremonial robes now, I already knew that, we’d already rehearsed everything.She made room for him to step in behind her then rose up enough for his legs between hers.Swords flashed in the sunlight, those broad curved weapons the desert men preferred.Cassie ducked low and grasped Brad's waistband and she started to tug.As of now, the greatest threat the two posed was to each other, for the division they sowed would pull at the Dark Queen, and paralyze her.She took a step back from him, eyeing the blood stains still on his shirt.Ashley finished her pizza slice and got up to go t

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