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"No doubt it would be bad to get caught," Rebecca said, "but why would your father pay for her school?"“Jim… Morrison?I finish logging off Aratheon and shut my computer down before grabbing my bag.A surge of excitement went through me, and I began searching the cages with an abandonment of caution.I exited from the bathroom to find the three of them were already eating breakfast.Did Gloria see you?”"Well, yeah, cause I’m not gonna see her for a while."Behind her lay a small, unassuming dorm room filled with two dead boys.Pleasure exploded through me as his tongue dug through my folds."Shut the fuck up, Kate and eat my pussy right in front of her.“I could have waited outside if you two were talking about something important.” I said, making sure I wasn’t intruding."It's no different than it was the other day.He wasn’t sure how to answer her, she was his child and in some ways he didn’t want her to grow up but his daughter standing in the short skirt and nylons topped b

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