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"Get us a couple of Cokes Mrs. C.", demanded Lisa.The elevator finally stopped at the 30th floor, labelled as Dr. Lawson’s private clinic and office.Again, there were no towels and she would have to air dry.“Yes, yes, fill my dirty, cheating cunt!”First her right one and then her left.I want it.” Gripping her around the hips, Derek began pulling nearly all the way out of her before thrusting himself fully inside her again.He laughs.Her ass and pussy were sore now, and still leaking cum.She pressed her heels into the floor and rose into a leg-shaking squat, then by the behest of her master, she reached beneath herself, and spread her bronze globes.He groaned, his voice sounding so tight.Megan looked at my with her doe eyes, so I decided to be a gentlemen.I quivered on the edge of my rapture.“Probably mostly because he could never settle down with anyone.” Megan humorously noted.We showered quickly knowing that Scarlett had to be at work by five Saturday morning in preparatio

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