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I removed my t- shirt and got completely naked except for my flip flops.So fucking good!”While I was doing that Jon came up behind me and slipped his dick in me. I hardly felt him (sorry Jon) because my hole was still quite wide.“Slowly, he began to hump against me, gliding his cock along the shallow dip of my cunt, the soft banks of my labia cradling and moistening his shaft.Glenda asked them, "Okay, what's the freakiest thing you've ever done?"Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content.I take another sip of the bright yellow drink.By that time my upper body is in an agony like being tortured.I loved them with such passion.Brett and Zach would be sith while Kevin and I were Jedi.We all said good night and turned off the lights.“Fuck that feels great baby.”They all turned, and Anna's jaw dropped when she saw the face of the third man. It was Mark Moller, the detective who'd gotten the goods on her husband.The fact of that we had a chance of being caught was such

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