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The only pleasure I could imagine deriving from her now was that in causing her pain, breaking her down into a mess of tears and bruises.I’m on her heels, but she then stops and steps back and pulls up as my momentum carries me forward.Hhh, oh!She couldn’t. ‘Scarlett.Later on, the movie came to an end and both left for home with plenty to think and dream about."And before you say anything else, I need to tell you that last week I watched from the stairway as you and Mom fucked like two sex-crazed teenagers on the sofa in the family room.Both guys got huge smiles, Felix told her, “we understand you’d need a really understanding man, like us”.He slid the tip just into my ass.So much so it hurt."Karina and Serafima are, uh hum shopping."But I was tired and the warm breeze mixed with the quiet lapping of the sea on the beach and the softness of the sand made me sleepy.One question, alright?But, I doted on the two pregnant relatives, and gave them all that I could.Later.....A