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“Now don’t get me wrong, Todd.Cherry broke our kiss and moaned, “Oh, Henry, our Moms are going to be such sluts together, aren't they?”It was one week since I delivered Miss Hastings to the Bordello in Hythe known as the “Green Room.”Mark came walking out with the boys as I was ogling his missus.“Let’s go to Arbortus and fix Passion’s womb like we promised Julia.” Angela said, “We can wait until Diamond comes back from Chaos, then you can tether her.We chatted briefly, but as my class was starting to trickle in from lunch, she quickly left, saying that she would come back at the end of the day.As we ran away from them I heard one of them say,Ever since the idea of using a bull-whip had crept within Anthony's mind, he went about taking classes to learn how to properly control the whip, needing the ability to precisely hit his intended target spots.As we got into the limo, Dakota announced that she knew another secret.That warrants an encore later on.”I work at a

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