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Whoever it was gently caressed her back and then the weight left, the door opened and closed and the sudden stillness in the room told her she was alone.“That would defeat the point of me getting rid of her for a few minutes though, wouldn’t it?” Maria countered, stepping forward till Lace’s back was pressed to a wall, their bodies close but not quite touching, she eyed the girl over with dark green eyes swimming in desire and mischief, “I think this is the part where you beg me to be gentle.”“ Dare ,” Kelly shot back, raising her chin defiantly.Her eyes studied his face for a moment and then she appeared to make a decision.Echoes of the panic and humiliation could still be seen on her face, though icicles had started to form on her hair, her neck, her breasts and her outstretched hand.Eventually I felt a stirring that became all-too-familiar with me in the past few months, and with one final slam, I let out a breathy groan as I emptied myself into Megan.Her sexy crazy