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Unless I got a raise or a higher-paying job, I would need a mortgage with the lowest possible rates.Click!”My wings fluttered.It was so full that when she smiled a small amount fell out and down her bottom lip.Just focus on getting the top layers.”Sharply dressed, with a sharper attitude, I was convinced there was no one in the world with more raw intellect.Changing his bobbing motion to a slight jerking of the head, he slurped his tongue at her as though trying to catch juice rolling down the body of a peach.He thought the entire Institute was devoted to the man's vision.“No. He just kept on finger-fucking me, for I don't know how long.She sniffed up her arm, then tasted with her tongue.It was my pussy that soaked my panties that much that I could see the 'camel-toe' through them.She didn't answer so as my feet warmed I drifted off again.On the walk to the restrooms, Roger's words echoed in her mind, "Dirty, filthy, pain slut.This was so wild.I haven't had anything since."“Cr

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