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I haven't lost the bet yet.The key was turned and handed to Mark.She said get ready Slut and she went to sit down and got a drink, I went to my spot and got a drink myself and kept looking at Shelly she looked at me then away, but I just watched her, she was high on lust and Shelly was led to my table and she sat in position on the floor at my feet with her tail in. Shelly lost her shit and walked up to me and said What the fuck is this, I said excuse me mis I am watching the show, she yelled fuck the show what are you doing with my slut, I said first of all She is my slave and not yours, so your claim is shit, please move.After around ten minutes I can feel her tense.We knelt on either side of him, our hands grabbing his cock.I shook myself from my contemplation, and focused on the task at hand.Remind everyone that getting pregnant on the job is not a work related accident.This story is the third part and the continuation of the second part 'My work in the red room'.“We're having a

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His cock would give me just as much pleasure.“You won’t like it.”They had been too eager to prove themselves, and now they were paying the price for it.Including the entire trip home.“We’re their eyes and ears, helping to keep them safe from the unseen threats.”You've been waiting for me to rub here haven't you?Oh boy!Protecting your family....I give him a nod and instantly his finger tip inserts into her Vagina.“I’m glad I was able to get you out of there,” I said.The deformed lips of her cunt obscenely bulged when his stopper reeled back before slamming it right at the barrier to her womb.I went there slowly.“Speaking of hot, who’s your friend?”She realised his intention slightly too late as he cradled her head in his hand and began to force his cock further into her mouth, trying to insert himself all the way down the tunnel of her throat.After cleaning up some of XXX Porn Tube the remnants of the day, they relaxed around the indoor part of the pool and started chatting.�

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