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We should probably get something to eat first.”What happened to me?“How are you liking your new office, Mr. Davies?”The girls were taking a long time, but eventually they came out and we all had a bite to eat.I arrived at 3pm on the Tuesday afternoon and phoned Vera as arranged to let me in. She was wrapped in a towel and obviously naked underneath.“Yes!” panted Mom.She was very fine looking in her attire and looks.A few seconds later, Kiara exited the house, calling to her mum one last time before shutting the door and turning to tread carefully down the path.Inside this one, I see lots of baby items, including strollers, swings, cribs and tons of baby clothes.But I was enjoying watching this beautiful woman get anally raped.“This will induce narcosis without the addicting euphoria.” She plucked the flower, drained its essence into a wooden vial, and handed me the vial."I want to suck you off?"That is probably the most embarrassing thing to happen to me all summer.“Sir