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I reached into the bag and removed the collar.Now I have to call the cops and they’ll haul you away to jail.”No matter whom it was, she was sucking a cock in her classroom, naked and handcuffed.“What’s that love?”We both slowly made our way to a small space out there, and my darling daughter wrapped her arms around me.We both started laughing.Five minutes turned into ten and then nearly an hour later and after much blatant sexual innuendo she finally lost patience with my teasing and asked what I was going to do about it.She doesn’t respond quickly but as my head hits the pillow I see my phone go off and read the message ‘I was sleeping, now I’m not alright’.I was so worried when Daryl phoned.I knew I am hooked to him for life.“You know… I’ve dated a few girls, even got laid some here and there…”“Ok, but only if you won’t tell her.”"It wasn't serious or anything, I just always thought you were handsome.Her arms came around me like a cage door shutting,

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