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"Thanks, just wanted to please you sir!""How do I apply?"This generates a low guttural moan from her.I never felt like this before.I hold Mike’s hand and see Kelly holding Paul’s hand as we cross the street and walk into the backyard at Tina and Kyle’s house.I was extremely hard and we had trouble getting my jeans down because my y-fronts were tented.Cato stares defiance into Manus’ eyes."Only as far as my brother would take me." Gloria used two fingers to dish out more than they could hold.I laugh.“Fuck, where did you learn to do that,” she finally asked.Inches from my face, her pussy lips slowly unfurled, revealing her velvety pink folds.Nicole had a visible scowl on her face.She had an intimidating air around her, even naked and coming down from her orgasmic high.“I spent four years in the military police with the Navy so I had the same hand-to-hand combat training that they give the Seals.Had it all been a dream between them?“You have no idea, old man. Well, we best

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