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I said I warmed her up, you have to wait for the show.Connie stroking her fake dick with a wicked grin.I was getting deeply annoyed by their regularity."That's strange her room is on the other side of school."“Have a seat Peter,” Kailyn says, gesturing over to one of the chairs in front of her desk."Should I tell him that if he asks about advise?"Gloria swallowed hard.He tried to explain what he did, but was having a hard time.Then she took the base of his cock in her left hand, pulled her head back, and then began to noisily slurp and lick the copious amounts of cum from his cock; this while merrily bouncing slowly up and down on the twelve inch black cock buried in her cunt.She let out a pleased little sigh, the sensation was familiar to her but no less pleasant for the experience.When she finally stopped convulsing, I slowed down my thrusting nonetheless and gave us both a moment to breathe.Despite the use of fingers and a dildo to relax that pretty pink pucker, the pain was ele

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