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Buddy tried scratching the door and whining behind it, but those did not change anything.The rain was intensified further.So when her dad kept his entire cock in her mouth and started to grow harder, she couldn't help but gag as the head started pressing against her throat.She walked domineeringly around the bed, the click of her heels telling me her boots were stilettos, the crack of her whip telling me I should’ve kept my fucking mouth shut.She was the daughter of an old friend of my wife's.When she was finished she stood and looked herself over in the mirror.When I squinted out of my closed eyes I saw the man staring directly at my pussy.We kept going until Ryan came as well; then I just hung there with Ryan still inside me until he went soft.“Vadiki buddi ledu, neeku buddi ledu..” (He don’t have sense and you too don’t have sense) and she removed her blouse and then pulled her saree frills.Remaining in her position, waiting for further instructions.I looked down and could

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