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Samantha was surprised, since this was not the normal kiss she got from her daddy.It pressed hard on her clit and hummed rapidly.Samantha's eyes traversed his whole body, taking in the sight.“Look at my cock.”I'm sure you could bring it up, but it is still incest."And I could see my dark-red, glistening, totally-exposed, pea-size clit-head peeking out from under its long, narrow hood.On Tuesday, as she was walking home from the elevated parkinng garage, she saw Mark at the swimming pool.I started to slide my feet apart and easily managed to get the gap between my pussy and the hand down to about 6 inches.“Nothing.When did that happen?She slipped onto my lap, sitting on it.A snake, it was a snake.Beth semi-conscious prayed that he came in time, but as she opened her eyes and saw his watch she slumped as it read 8:45.On one hand, it wasn’t his cock I wanted tonight and even if it was, I certainly didn’t want it this way.“EEEEEEK!” I squeal and squirm, startled and then fee

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