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Surely he would help her now?“Yeah?” I call back before sipping the beer.“Clearly,” he chuckled.Like Kim Ursula slept in cotton panties and a tee shirt, the tee had ridden up to just below her breasts, the panties caressed her hips, Kim just stared, her beautiful baby girl.I haven't really needed to.WhenI shook my head.I can't believe I'm watching my best mate get double penetrated by this creature…I now have reached her panties, hidden underneath is the biggest treasure I can imagine at the moment.She pissed off the other customers," he absolved himself of guilt.It was later in the afternoon, enjoying a beer and relaxing, watching television, my brother comes in the room, just as a seductive screen appeared, he says, that looks inviting just as the girl was starting to kneel down in front of the guy, responding i said, imagine that, just as you come in the room, the sex starts."Meaning" she asked?"If your son had just given you oral sex would you not reciprocate?"That was al

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