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The goad has left no trace of its touch, but constant writhing under torture means my muscles ache as if I’ve spent a week in the gym – especially my thighs, my shoulders and my buttocks.“Thanks,” I said.I’ve never visited here in reality, and never wanted to unless it was as part of a mission sent to destroy the place.You know what I mean.And with that, she took off for the kitchen.I thought as the water trickled onto me.My neighbors all had children that exasperated them.Shion leaves the room and returns a moment later with some tea, smiling as he notices her already growing belly, and the worried look on her face."Ahhhh' screamed Mary as the pain of the clamp coming off and the blood returning to the abused nipple coursed through her body.Chapter 8She quickly left the operating room and everyone was left with puzzled expressions.And then he jumped as one of her fingers went into his ass.Her mind running wild with thoughts.He was busy replacing the pornographic magazines he

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