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The smell of it was awful, her eyes watered to breathe in this animal potency mixed with the acrid reek of sulfur.Wet?“Take them off and get over here and put lotion on me.”I leaned over to look at her, realizing she was awake with a rather large smile.Quickly the young girl shifted onto her hands and knees as she scurried towards the freshly woken Bloodhound, sitting against his stomach and giving him a playful glare, "Jerk!"It kind of hurt at the corners of my lips at first, since his shaft was so huge around . . ."I thought I'd come up and see the closet they stick you in," James teased.Both awake they lay together, knowing full well that if they had not solved their mystery of the Palace's leak by that coming evening they would have to once more face Ariela’s wrath, yet, despite this, they lingered, not eager to leave the warmth of the bed and the newfound embrace of one another, knowing to do so would be to end an experience that had likely changed them both in some way.Keep

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