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“OK. I’m glad you like it.Time flies when we’re just catching up.”“Why are you concerned about that cheap trinket?You are beautiful,” I said back to her still holding her in a tight hug.Soon I made excuse after excuse to crawl back over him with my naked body but nothing.Cara: No, Heather just brought some panties for us to wear.His favorite spot however, was her deep belly button.“Now how would you know something like that?”The hands had stopped touching her, and she opened her eyes just a little to peek out of the corner at this strong, handsome gladiator.Within a couple of minutes I was sure that I was going to pass out.She was all over him, like crazy, I mean, she might as well have been sitting in his lap the whole time and it looked like he was loving it because he couldn’t stop touching, hugging and holding her.She quietly walked back to her room holding the knife in her hand closing the door behind her.You seem bigger than I remembered.” Tabatha’s voice