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PLEASE MAKE HIM STOP!”I...” I shook my head.I have fallen in love with you, you say you have feelings for me, but you don't understand them, well, when you do, let me know.The tender moment was broken when both Rachel and Tom walked through theSo far this year we had heard more about how useful statistics were than actually learning how to use them.I laid back down on the bed with john as we both recuperated from our intense orgasms we drank the rest of the wine as we sat their panting like crazy by this moment i was really buzzed i could see Johns cock rising under the covers looks like round 2 was on its way i pointed at his hard cock showing him he is hard again he then asked me what i wanna do next at this moment i didn’t know what to do i did tell him i want to do everything within limits i just told John to surprise me, John gave me a smirk and led me of the bed and bent me over he ran his fingers over my back gently while lightly scraping the tender parts of my back with h

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