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I kill another of the ratmen when I hear a loud gurgle and a thump from behind me. I turn to see the giant, dead on the ground.She rand out of the room into the garage.This pleased her a great deal.Her contacted lensed eyes now fused into her retina and I can see her pupil now elongated a bit like snake’s. Her latex teddy seems still like a cloth to me. But my eyes widens as I can see her cameltoe on her crotch.I had to admit, it was a bit strange, almost like some kind of cult, but honestly I didn’t care!They never saw him left when they looked through the window less than a minute ago.“Oh, no problem, just thought I’d be neighborly.”She let the satyr put her in his lap and let the female rub the shaft against her virgin pussy lips, which were basically dripping with her juices by now.“Why were you so mean to me?”I kept this up, pausing every once in a while so I didn't blow my load onto her, until the movie ended.Okay, so I made up a term for this one, you got me. With

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