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I heard her in her room talking on the phone but couldn’t make out the conversation."Oh, please!"“You’re planning to keep those on?” she asked eventually.These other women were hot, too.I have no money, no ID, no transportation, I can't even get to one of these places if I wanted to," Beth said as she dropped to her knees and cried.Then, I sent Mike a text at lunch, “Not sure when you’ll be home tonight, but, kids and I are going to go kart place for pizza and games with Kelly and kids.” He responds he isn’t sure when he’ll get the chance to get home, but, he will make sure he has something to eat.Rhonda would never be the same & it was thanks to Sheila & her Master/Son Rocky .I began to fantasize that I was one of my sisters being a slut for their boyfriends.A few long minutes later, Dr, Paul entered the room.I examined the camp.“I am!” she moaned, her face scrunching up.“The water pressure was blasting me right on my clitty.Just as the woman had predicted, as