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“Good day Missy,” a deep voice from behind me said."I found your spy hole . . .She was tired of being ashamed of her body, and if men wanted to stare, then let them."Johnathon what is going on?"“Oh my god,” I whispered, tears falling from my eyes, “what have I done?”And she hadn’t suspected him of cheating since that day during their honeymoon.Without the restraint she would have been one big heap at the end of the table since her legs gave out first.Judging from the looks on their faces, I had a hunch that those were the first hard cocks either of them had ever seen in person.Mary started it out by saying... “Jim, I love it when a new guy undresses me. Don’t you think that’s hot?Sharon asked me. "If I don't stop, I'm afraid this one is going to cum in your pool."I was untouchable.At almost eight inches long, it was one of the biggest ones she had ever seen, and she couldn't take her eyes off it.She stood up and pulled him up to her.Cassie walked into the bedroom an

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