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Deryk it seems, as always, had meted out his own justice.I looked up at Lucilla, “Diamond talked to an astral being in Corruption’s realm.Tracy and Rebecca, who was standing right by us, heard me talking."No. Of course not.Your daddy wants you to drown him in your cream.”“How so?”Along with her alabaster skin, this young lady dressed very uniquely.Soon her patience ran dry, with a push he was thrown on the bed, her body prowling as she crawled over him.Amanda raised an eyebrow at her friend, “Where have you been?”She looks over seeing Sara walk over to their bags.As he grabbed my hips and thrust them against his cock, he bent over to once again breathe into my ear.That was cold.Have I fallen on my head in bed somehow?Her eyes went wide and her pupils dilated as the room temperature dropped to freezing.“It was fun, but I didn’t get a thrill out of it.”I did, and she began to bounce softly on my hard cock, telling me how good it felt.After she pulled herself from me,

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