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I'm going to do this presentation by myself!"But it was futile, the sun had set and once again a new night had shrouded over the land as the young moon shined over.Freddie jumped to his feet, pulling his pants up as she drug him towards the kitchen and the back door.Slowly in through my nose and out through my mouth, until my mind is clear.He forced two fingers into her asshole and Grace squirmed uncomfortably.There was cum dripping off her throat, both her little tits and down her belly.Finally I pull out and roll over.But I was afraid of some sexually transmitted diseases, or any other kind of infections.They were having their joy, too.MAN, I'VE JERKED OFF OVER THESE TITTIES IN JUGG'S MORE TIMES THAN I CAN REMEMBER, AND NOW I HAVETH'M IN MY HANDS, I GET TO BASH THESE SUCKERS 'TIL THEIR BLACK 'N' BLUE!!"Sharon looks at me through the rearview mirror and smiles.But this story is about Karen, Mike and I. The next shift Mike was on time and we didn't talk about the dinner.I could have wa