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I pulled his manhood from his pants and stroked it against my pelvis, moaning into his mouth with tender need.This is a story about my wife, Carole, being held captive and raped.Didn’t know you were the sorority kind of girl.”I loved it.Kerry is a slim, well built, very good looking blond man with an all over suntan and he is almost naked apart from a tiny white g-string, with a huge bulge in the front of it, as Lori is rubbing oil all over his body as he stands in front of a wall-length mirror.I nodded before I even realized what he said.No big deal, but her breasts were very firm, I just hope that mine are still that firm when I get to her age.As I moved up higher and higher on her legs, massaging her thighs, her legs parted slightly more and more giving me access to her inner thighs as well.I shall enjoy draping your hide over my throne and sitting upon it.”“Onee-sama,” I moaned between licks, the spicy flavor, lingering with cotton, staining my tongue.The tingling in my p