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This is a lot of fun.I asked him if he enjoyed what I did and he said hell yeah.The fear started as a prickling along the back of my neck, and grew slowly, stirring in my belly, making my mouth dry.I whined and hissed, trying to reciprocate with my hands as I clumsily fondled her breasts, unable to find dexterity in the heat of my pleasure.The royal Inns might have low pay job available, but they keep contact with each other so even though I can work in an Inn the risk is great words will spread and a bandit will come looking for me. In practice I think my only chance to make serious cash on my own would be to sign up with a whorehouse."Michael’s hands were playing with Lena’s breasts, and Lena’s hands were groping Michael’s ass, and their touch was only inflaming their shared passion and pushing the two even closer together.“Um…” Justina said, her voice trembling, “no. We’re uh… well, we’re…” Justina looked about ready to piss herself, “D-D-Diamond and I…

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