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What could I do?She knew she had to get him out of there pretty quick, and he understood.April 17th, 2047Our eyes were still locked on each others, "No"And she was all mine.Spread around the room was several individual computer terminals, with different identities, I would imagine.Tom groaned again and returned to kissing Bill's hungry lips.She opens her eyes as we close in. As soon as she spots Titiana, she rises to her feet and embraces her.“Yes, do that” she sobbed as the blood poured down her cunt and thighs.He leaned forward and rested his head on my back.From somewhere in the barn she heard loud moaning, a woman's voice screaming for someone to lick harder.You sent him to his grave with your treason against our beloved Queen.”I slowly pull out and thrust back in. Several more thrusts and cum is oozing from her, coating my cock and balls.“You know, to continue doing research while on this surface it looked look like the site was being cleaned up.”And I’m following up o

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