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I heard it.She held still for a moment with my cock an inch or so inside her pussy.We walked up to him and waited.It was my brother who brought up the subject of the rocks again.I was so eager to feel him spurt into my mouth.Barbara thought to call to him, knowing his intentions, but knew that that would alert Emily.You enjoyed it and you know it.” I got back behind her and placed myself at the entrance of her pussy.The last four days have been a blur, controlling the sexual life of three women.Each time she leaned forward her tits pressed against his face, and each time she leaned back he thrust his hips up to bury himself deep inside her once again.Made my day.After all, the idea of him just walking out of their lives wasn’t worth considering.Why did I found the Purity Society?There would be no point in breeding her again for a couple months, but the sight of her triggered needs in him regardless.On the other side Daniel was lost to the world.She stroked me up and down.I pulled h

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