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Jim was drunk.Just asks honey.My ovaries boiled over.I push Dakota’s door open and see John and Diane.“I would expect some resistance.He lifted her up off the counter and found himself straining a bit from the effort.“You just thought of something naughty, Daddy,” she whispered.Matt broke out of his trance and stared back at me. “Really?“So,” I asked as I set my cup down on my utility table, “what do you think?” Again, Rebecca sat motionless with her eyes glued to the spinning spirals.“OUR boyfriend?”I’m half way through my second year of college, and unfortunately, I live in a crowded dorm with shared rooms.“You drained me dry,” groaned Leah.“So, is a 16-year-old allowed to have sex in this State?”My pussy clenched.He still looks troubled about the whole affair.You know…", John said while following Leroy with his eyes who was pacing around him and was now standing right in front of him.“One of the best Daddy cuddles I’ve ever had.”We just wante