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I wanted it so badly.I pressed my tongue against her tight sphincter, savoring the taste of her sour musk.From what was visible, she was a mousy girl with jet-black hair and thick-rimmed glasses that were heavily cracked.Then she realized that I had cum inside her, and a LOT.I felt all my frustration, all my grief, all my pain pushing my power higher than I think I had ever felt it.Imogene licked and lapped as her pussy writhed around my cock.“Maybe a little... too much.”I spotted a bead of her juices running down her thigh.It didn’t take much longer and I felt my face pulled tight against her throbbing clit as her second orgasm ripped through her body.I ever so slowly sat down on his giant, lovely cock.Well, at least I didn't write it, there may have been a few moments of idle curiosity as I watched his tight ass or maybe even the alluring bulge of his prick.“I was twelve.” She started to say, then stopped.This is an episode in the NAKED LEGAL group of stories.“It’s ok,

I touched the outer lips of my pussy and they were all puffed up.He knew how much she enjoyed the tease so he was going to do all he could to please her.His fingers worked furiously on the screen of his ever-present phone, checking emails, texts, and the latest stock statistics.That afternoon I sat down to work at my computer.Mandy's eye popped open and she blinked into Sherry's smiling face.Samantha felt the thick blast of cum hit the back of her throat!I panicked and released Daniel quickly so I could sit and hide my boner with my legs.Then he tortured me by slowly going up each leg, just brushing a finger over my lips.“Look at all the cum on me! I need you to clean me up, don't I?”He started jerking both of us at the same time.It was like all the fireworks in the world went off in her head.We both chose a summer dress that buttons up the front.“I would love that.”She literally drugged her daughter, stripped her naked and forced her to give me a blowjob in front of thousands

Enjoy:She too smiled at the prospect of what Mala was thinking.I took a quick glance up, her eyes were gleaming, a look of happiness on her face, “Dina, please I need you to fuck me.” when she saw me look."This is your present."During the week they had to sleep alone in their own rooms.Ben slid up Lily's body so that he could whisper into her ear.My daughter had graduated high school, was tired of working menial jobs and was going off to college.She leant forward and started massaging my tiny tits.One fat cock going in her pussy, while one fat cock slid out of her ass.My hand shook.Out with it!”  She gave me a quirk of a smile and said “Do you remember Penny from when I was working at that store in Scottsdale?”  It took a few moments, and nothing.He did however attempt to wake her.“At least it’s white wine!” She handed Ben a napkin.She had the idea that we needed three Christmas trees since the house was so large.“What breed of dog do you think would make a good com

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Two distinct voices.My prick still felt painfully hard, but at the same time a little like it did when it went soft after I'd cum.“Don’t they see the small-town charm?”Then he feels something."Would you like me to come next week?"The university had reacted swiftly, and now we were graced with the likes of Mrs. Dullwater as a representative of the “Sorority Oversight Committee”, or SOC for short.Is that clear?"Lace and blonde curls and golden fuzz of her body hair.The General grasped Mira's chin, looking into her pretty face as the climax took her breath away.Hot, refreshing water cascades down his back as he leans against the wall.Word spread and so did people saying THAT word.He must believe he is the best kiss you have ever had.“Oh, god I know, I also like watching the mom teach her how to take a dick too.” He said making me get really really dizzy from being horny.Maybe the three of you will all cum together,” Diane says giggling.Her asshole squeezed down on my prob