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“How’s that going, anyway?”Still I could only see the eight cloaked people I was expecting step on to the oracle’s platform.“Oh, indeed,” I answered.Jill comes down from the office carrying the tower.He said that the terms would be generous, and that there would be no interest, that he could explain as an added benefit to their employment with him.The one to the right of me was thick and soft; my hand couldn’t quite wrap around its girth.Why am I saying this to my own daughter?Hell, I could kill Vistir, Ryan, and even that bitch Gloria without so much as breaking a sweat, but there’s no fun in that.I could almost see the darker tint of her nipples peeking through the sides.she said I am Slut Sir.“Let’s start pregaming,” Jeremiah says as he pulls out a bottle of whiskey and a coke.I place my hands on her thighs slowly moving them back towards her ass, surprised at how firm her bubble butt is, she begins to slowly start moving up and down my cock, I know I won’t l