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“Yeah, that was Daryl from down the road.The sharp smell of bodily fluids in the toilet counter-pointed the taste of Liz mixed with Chrys sticky residue."What the fuck is your problem, dude?"She lied and manipulated me. I can’t believe I fell for her.The first time Betty and I had sex, she certainly changed her tune once I took charge.My head did not even question why Sasha made that statement."I accept you as servant if you promise to serve me in every manner, including lots of sexual matters," I said."No, I mean right now in my life.We sat down and began to eat our sandwiches as we talked and laughed and joked about Savannah’s life and all of her high-school happenings.When he reached the driver’s door he snapped to attention when he saw the two gorgeous young ladies, one showing her bush and the other nice white panties.Lizzy opened her eyes again and saw me holding her woolly tail.She wants the bowels of hell to be filled with the weak, and the halls of heaven to be blessed

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