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1 Hours Later:The Alkandran hordes were a fortnight from crossing the Knife River, and all that stood between them and the Highlands was one bridge, and a military outpost.“That was a love tap, poltroon, would you like an encore?” The coward shook his head, not meeting Aaron’s eyes.My heart raced with anxiety at what might come of it.“C... note?” I asked, frowning.Who would not want to be naked in there with him?But the only that that Gabriel’s pathetic mewling did was draw even more laughter and scorn for him from the gathered creatures of the night.He moans, “Wooooaahhh!” and stays put to keep my hole stretched for Brad to feel the squeeze.Bobby drove Bree to Summer’s house.“Duchess Oona deserved to be covered in iron for what she did!“Ok. But don’t hit me.” He laughed, “Have you ever thought about having sex with a woman?”“In fact I order you to enjoy this.“Not quite lad,” I assured him, “Now bring your wench and let us discuss matters like gen

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