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She had no idea he'd seen her masturbating...or that he'd masturbated to the sight of her.“Mandy,” she continued.Who did she think she was?I rammed into her again and again.Jane was far too nervous to look at Evan, which may have been good because he was doing everything he could to keep a straight face.“I was so close to having an orgasm but I’m glad I didn't my mom would've found out”The girl would think she was still in a wet dream.I did nothing.Both Graham and Matt jumped forward and helped manhandle Doris onto the bed on her back."I don't need you to fucking spit, Bay," he growled.A despairing Laura watched her results diminish slowly, day after day, as she found it harder to harder to think about the questions she was being asked through the haze of slutty thoughts.“Sorry Tanya, I was wondering if there was anything that we could do to help?”"Oh dear, I took too long.He asked.He gets up and his eyes bore into me. “Who the fuck do you think you are, tripping me?”

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